From Angeles City to Seoul

I finally got my books! I ordered 5 books through National Bookstore online sometime in March and they arrived at our home in Angeles City after 5 days. You can also find some of the titles at Amazon books. The books totaled 1,045 pesos plus 75 pesos shipping and handling. They are all authored by F. Sionil Jose. I discovered the author in 1999. You see, I majored in Accountancy and I attended a school that has mostly working students. Reading was not a requirement and books, unless they are textbooks, were considered luxury.
Anyway, I had a hard time looking for books by Filipino authors in bookstores in the Philippines. Ordering them online is easier. My sister sent the package on May 30 in Angeles City. It weighs 5 kilograms and she payed 1,115 pesos (about $25). In the box are my 5 books, board books for my son, a pair of jeans, a blouse, a dozen underwear, a blanket and two pairs of toddler pants. It took almost two weeks to arrive. The good thing is the box is complete.
Last November, I asked her to send me my winter jacket that I left in Ohio that was sent to the Philippines. Along with it are some other stuff that totaled 2 kilograms and cost 630 pesos in postage. Not bad.
If you miss something in the Philippines, it isn’t that expensive to have your things sent here through the post.


  1. Betchay dear, do not order any F. Sionil Jose book anymore. Egai will be home in August; I will get you Sionil’s new books “Ben Singkol” and others straight from the source, i.e, La Solidaridad. My senior editor happens to be his editor :-)If we are lucky and Mr. Jose is not out of the country, I will ask to have the books signed.

  2. @Tesha >> that’s really great… tell me what I could get for you here… thanks in advanced
    @AzureWolf >> I’ll try to teach him Tagalog later… Korean and English are what he really needs to learn now.

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