Seo Tae Ji's Guerilla Concert

My husband spent his Saturday afternoon watching clips of Seo Tae Ji’s Guerilla Concert which was held on August 1st, Friday at COEX in Gangnam. If you’re a true blue Korean music fan, then you should know who Seo Tae Ji is!
Seo Tae Ji released his 8th Atomos Part ‘모아이’ (Moai) last week and we have two copies at home. One was given by my hubby’s sister and the other one by his insurance agent (thoughtful guy).
Tickets for Seo Tae Ji’s comeback concert which will be on August 15th was sold-out in hours (at 150,000 won or $150 per ticket) after ticket sales were opened. My husband asked me to buy tickets but I, an A1 procrastinator, didn’t act immediately. Well I’m sure he’s gonna have more concerts in the future (or is he?)

Seo Tae Ji Guerilla Concert video clips


  1. Never heard of him, haha. Sucks you didn’t get to go to the concert, though. Weird to get the same gift from a friend’s insurance agent, haha. Are you going to sell one copy?

  2. i love seotaiji!!!! I am just waiting for the next series of his concerts to start and I am off to Korea!! I traveled there for ETP fest the festival before the most recent ones and was devistated because it was canceled….but I did have a great time in Korea seeing all the sexy korean boys 🙂

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