Greyhound tragedy

I have been reading news stories since last night about a passenger who was stabbed and decapitated inside a Greyhound bus (were the emergency lights activated?) in Canada. The crime is so horrific and I can only imagine how terryfying it must have been for those who witnessed it, specially the children. Somehow, this will make me a little more cautious when boarding a bus or train. I might not sleep when I’m in one!
Suspect in bus killing delivered newspapers, worked at McDonald’s


  1. The victim was described to be around 20 years old…I just can’t imagine the pain of decapitation…My condolences go to his family. T___T
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  2. This happened in Manitoba (where I currently live) and it’s a very scary thing to happen. It was said to be a total random act, like it happened out of nowhere. No one suspected it at all. I’ve only taken the Greyhound bus once in my life, but after this incident, there is no way on earth you’ll get me to ride on one those ever again.

  3. this is one of my fears whenever i ride a bus– be victimized senselessly and brutally… at the bus station, security is tight. but along the way up and down baguio, the bus assistant picks up passengers without checking their things.. that’s why i like buses which get full at the bus terminal alone…

  4. I have taken the greyhound bus in canada and the usa
    I STRONGLY believe that ALL FORMS OF TRANSPORTATION require the following:
    1. valid passport
    2. xray scan of all bags
    3. automatic metal detector
    Same as ANY AIRLINE requires
    as AIRLINES have now STRICTER guidelines, the people that do NOT wish to follow it or have something to hide, take the ALTERNATIVE transportation: RE: BUS, TRAINS
    Therefore, putting the rest of the passengers at greater risk
    Why then, shouldn’t buses and trains require the SAME guidelines as OTHER public/airline transportation?
    I will NEVER take a bus again.
    I haven’t in a long time.. as I have met up with some questionable people and always kept my distance
    I think ANYONE with nothing to hide, would feel relief that the bus or trains required these necessary and mandatory guidelines in order to travel safely!
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