"On Air"

Last Tuesday afternoon, I paid the studios of Seoul’s English radio station a visit. I met with the writer and the host of the radio show “Soul of Asia.” Sara, the petite host who looks two decades younger than her picture on their website, has an enviable voice on or off air. The show’s writer, Daniel Gray, has been very helpful and accomodating (from the time that we first talked on the phone). He’s also the owner of the blog “Seoul Eats,” which I try not to visit because of the “sinful” photos he posts.
Anyway, I was on the show to talk about my experiences as a married Filipina in Korea. Dan sent me a list of questions for the show but before that, he did preliminary interviews over the phone. It didn’t really matter how much preparation I had since I still felt nervously ill when I saw the “On Air” sign in the studio turned red, meaning we were recording.
Sara and Dan were very supportive, telling me that I was doing great although I heard myself getting tongue-tied and losing my thoughts several times. (I am no Martin Nievera and I think faster than I can talk) I don’t even think I answered Sara’s questions logically. When she asked me if I knew Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo, I replied that I didn’t know her. It turned out that she’s currently the VP for PA of UP (more in a later post).
After all has been said (and done – so cliche!) I realized that I’m not very sensitive. It was really nerve wracking speaking in front of a mic (or more like seeing the lit “On Air” sign) that I had missed answering some of the questions directly or I that I had provided unsatisfactory answers. Anyway, the host and writer are nice and I’ll just charge everything to experience. In sum, it was fun being “On Air!”
Am I the first Pinoy in Seoul’s first all-English radio station?


    1. it aired this morning… i couldn’t listen… i was preparing my husband’s luggage for his trip to kuwait

  1. oh, that’s lots of fun ate betchay. when i was in high school, i had an english teacher who told us she supported herself in college by being a radio artist. she even later on landed a not so big role in one Dolphy movie. she told me i could be one (radio artist) with my voice, if i liked it then, but being young and ignorant, i just shrugged the suggestion off my shoulders. when i got older, it was then i realized that i should have accepted the offer… and when i went back to my high school, they didn’t allow me to get her contact details…

  2. Grabe! I didn’t know you are getting very popular. Wish you can get a copy of your interview from them.

  3. Sinful pictures^^ I think you did a great job and I think what you said
    was very helpful. We are working on getting more Filipinos on the air
    because we think they are a big part of the expatriate community here.
    If anyone has any stories they would be interested in telling us, feel free
    to contact me.
    Writer for Soul of Asia: tbsefm 101.3
    Dan Grays last blog post..Brunch recommendations in Seoul

  4. Ma. Regina P. Arquiza (First filipina RADIO Anchor in South Korea)
    The multicultural radio program will also be provided in the languages of three other countries namely, China, Vietnam and Thailand.Traditional and modern Filipino music will be featured on air as well as present educational and cultural programs hosted by Maria Regina Arquiza, a scholar at Ehwa Woman’s University.

    1. ^^ read about her at the migrants website that i also posted here before…
      what i was trying to say is that i was the first pinoy guest in tbs (seoul’s first english radio station)
      thanks for that link 😉

  5. Woohoo.XD I’m sure you did just fine even though we didn’t actually hear you..XD Ini-air po ba yan sa Arirang (world) channel?
    Question lang, how were you chosen as the guest?XD Curious.. heehee..

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