Tom Cruise in Seoul

[singlepic=892,250,250,right]I’m currently watching “The Last Samurai” and as I research about the movie (I’m a multitasker – I research about the movie while I’m watching it) on Daum, I learned that Tom Cruise will be coming to Seoul next weekend. What a coincidence!
He’ll be in Seoul to promote the movie “Valkyrie”, which also stars one of my faves – Kenneth Branagh. The latter won’t be coming to Korea, though. Anyway, from what I’d learned Tom Cruise will be in Yongsan CGV (Yongsan Station) for handprinting, photo opps and autograph signing on January 17 at 7:30 PM. A press conference (invitational) will be held on the morning of January 18 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. He’ll also attend the red carpet premiere of the movie at COEX Megabox on January 18 at 6PM. I bet there will be Hallyu stars who will attend that night.
If you guys happen to be in Seoul then you might just want to “accidentally” be at those places to catch a glimpse of Hollywood star or of the Hallyu stars who might be there.
Valkyrie will open in Seoul on January 22.

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