Rated K: Biyaheng Korea

Before “seollal”, I received two emails from two different researchers of the ABS-CBN weekly magazine show “Rated K” hosted by Korina Sanchez. I remember replying twice and then I forgot about it until my friend Cathy (who was interviewed by the show) asked if I knew someone who is available for an interview for the show. I told her why not call Prof. Abagat. Anyway, they also wanted to have someone who’d been on Korean TV but the only one we know who appear regularly on KBS declined to be interviewed.
Prof. Abagat, who is with the Catholic University of Korea, posted on her Facebook that she had her interview last week. I wonder when they are going to show it on TV though. I only watch the program from time to time so I hope those who are in the Philippines would tell us when it’s on.
Of course, Rated K is not the first Filipino program to do a segment on Korea. Five years ago, the short-lived GMA program “Pinoy Abroad” hosted by Ivan Mayrina (who was a schoolmate in grade school – Angeles University Foundation) also visited Korea and I accompanied them to Nami Island (Namiseom/Naminara). Jessica Soho’s “Kapuso Mo” also had an exclusive interview with Bi and Song Hye Gyo (whose skin I envy so much but I might need to buy tons of acne wash if I’d like to have that kind of complexion) when they came here in 2005.


  1. Ate betch,
    This Sunday (March 7 )na ipapalabas yung South Korea episode the Rated K. Pinakita na sa TV kahapon, tpos ininterview nila si Jandi ng BOF.. Ang saya.. Manood tayo ha..

  2. Rated K featuring the country Korea will be air this coming Sunday (March 7, 2010) and Korina Sanchez had an interviewed with main actress in Boys over Flower

  3. inabangan ko talaga kahit mababad ang laundry ko hehehe…ang ganda talaga ng korea….i thought the ms elizabeth mentioned was you but she has a filipino hyphenated surname…was waiting for your name sa credits though.
    kaya lang they dubbed ms gu hye sun’s interview. i would have loved hearing her voice…sana filipino subbed interview na lang with her actual audio..

  4. thanks ky miss korena sanchez sa pagpunta nya d2 sa korea sna po pagpa2loy nya ang kanyang kakayahan..

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