Charice's One Moment in Time

What I can say?! Charice wowed not only the audience of Star King but its stars as well. f(X)’s Luna cried too after hearing Charice sing the same song she sang – One Moment in Time. Oh, the hair on my head stood when I heard her sing. My husband said “Wow” so many times…
Here’s a TV capture of Charice singing “Pyramid” at the end of the show. Taken with my Desire…

Charice came out with a poster she herself wrote thanking Star King. She sang her Whitney Houston medley to host Kang Ho Dong. She also signed a CD of her debut album that Star King will give away to its audience – it requires one to sign up and write a message on the website’s BB.
Charice had a duet with So Hyang. They sang Mariah Carey’s song – I forgot the title since I was so awed by her version of One Moment in Time! So f(X)’s Luna sang the 1988 theme song of the Seoul Olympics and Charice sang it after her. Luna cried and Charice tried to comfort her.
Hope to see Charice in a show here in Seoul. If that happens on a weekday (like Stevie Wonders’ upcoming concert), I’ll have to quit my job — or just fake an illness ;p
UPDATE: Not sure if this is visible outside Korea – Charice’s Star King guesting
Charice and So Hyang’s duet is currently the number three most searched topic on Daum while Luna’s tears is number six!


  1. I loved the duet with Charice and So Hyang! Much better than with Lena Park imho. Luna sang her heart out, but Charice outshined her. People were saying how can you compare the two? That’s right. There is no comparison as Charice completely owned the song. My goodness. I’m still having goosebumps.

  2. Charice did really great singing with the 2 lady singers and specially the advice she gave to Luna. Somebody twitted that Charice was so succesfull in her Thai concert and the crowd was like in Eaton centre in Canada. Thousands of people and chasters attended and singing with her. And the people who saw her for the first time performing live in person in Bangkok, Thailand just said, Charice has the “It-factor”. there´s a solid vibe in her presence seems marking her territory.

  3. Charice & So Hyang sang When you believe ate betchay.. I just saw the video on YT.. Charice was so amazing.. goosebumps =)

  4. Charice is so amazing, she make the stars thrill..its a Wow!!, and e’m very envy coz she got a hug from Leeteuk *my ultimate crush** after singing one moment in time…charice payakap din kay Leeteuk..wahaha…

    1. I’m listening to Charice’s radio interview right now… I didn’t know she’s studying too.

      1. Yes, Charice is studying online 2 hours everyday taking BA Mass Communication. She is actually a scholar in Boston University in Chicago. It was David Foster who told her to enroll in the school. She is planning to take law and be an entertainment lawyer someday. And I hope it happens for her.

  5. The song that she sung with So Hyang was When You Believe by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. One of my favorite songs if I may say. I love the message of the song. It’s from the Dreamworks movie The Prince of Egypt.

  6. OMG!!! I am one proud Pinoy… My guy roommate in Korea before was imitating Charice while watching her Star King stint on Cy Vids… now I bet she is more popular there… I can’t wait to be there again…

  7. hello.. i just stumbled upon your blog and it;s really entertaining and informative… keke i am a pinay too… and i have a great interest in korean pop…
    i saw charice’s starking 3rd visit in Youtube and yes she super amazing… I hope she gets to visit and perform there ofter as well…

  8. this news is all over Kpop forums. they said that the reason Luna cried is because after she and Charice sang, Luna was teased by one of the guests that she should just stay in Korea and that she’ll never make it outside of the country, and that made her feel embarassed, so she cried. But anyhow, Charice really belted it out and ate Luna alive. I am proud of how successful Charice is. That’s what you call pure natural talent.

    1. My husband’s niece likes Luna but I thought if Simon was there he would’ve said that she sang like she was in a karaoke.

      1. I agree with you Ms.Betchay. I actually like f(x), it’s just that Luna still lacks experience when it comes to singing songs like that, she needs more practice.

  9. charice and luna are on a different league. it was a song interpreted differently by two people with different singing style. two singers who are both making waves in the music industry (globally or locally). in the end, just like what charice said after, what is important is you believe in yourself. way to go charice! way to go too luna and f/x…

  10. I do like Luna. She has a nice voice. She may not be as good as Charice now, but, hey that is like comparing apples to oranges. Charice went through nearly one hundred singing contests and that honed her voice to the fine edge that it is today. I really believe that if Luna practiced really hard, she would one day become a truly great singer. My wife and I are fans of Luna. So go Luna go!!! Show them what you’ve got girl!

  11. charice singing voice and voice range are gifts from God.she truly deserved all the many blessings after all the hardships she went through to get where she is now.of course it is not fair to compare her to luna and vice versa.both girls have talents but charice voice is on the level with the likes of whitney houston,mariah carey and celine dion.she’s global.

  12. for me i want more asians to go international, only what pissed me is that luna belittled charice, go charice! u inspire me to dream global!

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