Ice Skating in Seoul

Last Saturday, after spending two hours with my boys at my favorite stationery shop – Alpha in Namdaemun, we walked towards the Seoul City Hall to check the yearly held ice skating at the plaza.

The ice-skating rink is right in front of the newly-renovated The Plaza Hotel.

There were no skaters yet when we got there since it was break time and the staff had to clean the rink.
A staff cleaning the ice-skating rink

So we just proceeded to the ticket and information center to check the schedule. I remember that we were there at around 5 o’clock but the tickets being sold are for the seven o’clock session. Entrance, which includes skating boots rental, is only 1,000 won (or less than a dollar) per person.
Ticket is good for one hour and is only 1,000 won including rentals

After getting a ticket, one has to line up at the “Lending Area” to get the boots.
Lending office for skating boots

Don't forget to wear a helmet!

It’s more convenient to make a reservation online rather than to line-up for tickets. In our case, we should wait two hours before we could get in. It was cold so we said we’ll just come back and reserve online. Their website is 2010 Seoul Skate.
Here’s the schedule for the weekdays and weekend skate:
Ice-skating schedule

Aside from the Seoul City Plaza ice skating rink, you could also go to Korea University, Taereung Ice Rink, Mokdong Ice Rink and even Lotte World’s Ice Rink. We just prefer Seoul City Plaza’s since it’s closer but we’ve also tried Taereung Ice Rink, where the national team usually practices.
Three future Kim Yuna

The Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink is open until the 13th of February. If you’re planning to come here, hurry. I don’t like the winter cold but I like that Seoul offers different events for its visitors and its citizens every season.


  1. wow! only 1000 won!!! here, where i live, entrance is 11 usd, and rental is 7 usd =(
    i wish i lived in Korea =) though i am bad in skating yet.

  2. Here in Canada, I see ordinary playgrounds’ snow being compressed and that becomes an ice skating rink where people casually play hockey.

  3. wow~!!! 1,000 won….
    the first time i went ice skating in Lotte was really wasteful..
    we paid 11,000 won each. We arrived at 9pm but we have to wait til 10pm because they have to clean first.
    Cleaning took an hour and we enjoyed for only 30 minutes because they closed already.
    Terrible t.t
    Anyway, I didn’t enjoy much since I fell down twice (first time ^^)

  4. Wow! 1000 won…much cheaper than the one I had at Lotte World..its 13,000 won.That was the my very first skating and enjoyed it a lot. Thanks to my friend from Holland Jidi..She was a great help…she taught me how to balance.I look like crzy then LOL:) I have been here in city Hall but it was too crowded during that time….

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