Is your Skin79 BB cream the real thing?

I received an order for Skin79 BB cream last month. The buyer found that the price on the internet is just over 10 USD. When I visited the Skin79 store, the price was more than that. I asked the saleslady why it was so much cheaper on the internet. Her reply was short and simple: there are illegitimate Skin79 BB cream sold online.

Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream from Skin79 store

According to the saleslady, an original Skin79 BB cream has the Skin79 silver sticker. I got the Hot Pink BB cream from their store and that’s how the sticker looks like.
So the next time you see a Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream selling for less than 25 USD, think twice! The Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream sells for 27,000 won or 24.50 USD at original Skin79 stores in Seoul.
When purchasing cosmetics online, be very careful. The same goes with buying sleepings pills and the like. You can check for that.


  1. I have a friend who orders korean makeup online…i told her to be careful because most often than not items sold on online shops for a very CHEAP price is a fake…..lucky you if you don’t get bad side effects from using fake products but the tv program i watched featured unlucky buyers and their face were really destroyed.

  2. I’m wondering if Skin79 BB cream is good. I wanted to buy but i’m currently using Missha. I wanted to try this produc too.

  3. can u tell me po where to visit this skin79 store here in Seoul? Want to buy po kasi eh. Pls…Thanks! And is it good po ba? I’m using Elizabeth arden . Oily po kasi skin until now im still lost kung anu ang hiyang kong cosmetics. Thanks po ulit 😉

  4. I purchased mine online and it cost 9.99 for both vip fold and hot pink and both are authentic ,as i learned how to identify the fake nd original nd it was from Korea aa well. i like it…

  5. I bought my BB cream- skin79 VIP Gold for about 12$ and it has the sticker thingy on it .o. But I’m not sure that it might be a real one though :/
    I wonder what would be the difference between the 2 creams. I saw on a blog an oil test with other BB creams. The fake brand would tend to be oilier than the real one.

    1. did you buy it from a seller in Korea? give yourself a check through the internet video on fake vs real bb cream. There are bb cream that are sold a lot cheaper on Ebay and other sites apart from the official website. Just make sure you get it from a trustworthy seller!

    2. Can you inform me where you have bought this product? There is a lot of fake product for sale.
      Please let me know!

  6. That’s not really true. I bought hot pink Skin79 for only $15 on eBay and it’s guaranteed authentic! I checked the label and everything, it’s 100% genuine. Yes you can get bb cream for cheaper price beside the official site , just make sure that the seller is from Korea and check their feedback on selling.

  7. Ms. Betchay can you give me a suggestion or opinion base on your observation? Which one is better, Skinfood or Tonymoly? Is Tonymoly a new cosmetic line in Korea? Last year, i think they opened their store in two SM mall here..Though Skinfood is already there since 1957…BTW, its true and scary to buy skincare on-line. You don’t know if its authentic or not…Looking forward on your reply…
    Thanks and more power on your blog…:)

    1. Hi Akishta! I prefer Skinfood products, but it really depends. I also like The Saem, It’s Skin and Baviphat. I’ve tried a lot of different products and there are some things in each store that I like. For example, I really like the snail cream of It’s Skin… nah, I love it since it really makes my skin smooth. I have one here that I haven’t opened because my husband keeps on buying things for me whenever he travels.
      Anyway, it’s true you should be careful when buying online. If the price is too good to be true, then think twice.

      1. Thank you Ms. Betchay for the reply. I’m now using etude products but i wanted to shift to Skinfood. However, the price here is a little bit expensive. If given a chance, is it possible to ask you to buy me there Skinfood (gold caviar serum and toner). Whats the process of buying it with you? I have no idea on PAYPAL coz I’m only using credit cards..
        I’m looking forward on your reply…Thanks for your blog. It help us a lot on girl things like this..:)
        GOD bless!!!

  8. Hi,
    can you tell me if the logo or B.B letters fade off the bottle when you scratch them??

      1. lol… i’ve never tried scratching them… and i don’t have one right now… the thing is i only buy from the Skin79 store or their own online shop and not from any “wholesaler” or the cheaper ones found on the internet… my rule is that if it’s cheaper than the Skin79 store, then it must not be true ;p

  9. I bought skin 79 in a local korean store. It feels good and I really like it. Then I ordered one in ebay . It’s like half price of what I paid here. Months later I saw the difference. I threw it right away.

    1. That’s a waste of money. I wouldn’t buy anything that’s a lot cheaper than what is being sold at the official store.

  10. hello Betchay..can i know where is the shop in korea that sells Skin79’s products? i’m in korea now and i couldn.t find any shop in daejeon.

    1. Hi Jessie! I don’t know exactly a shop in Daejeon, but you can try any Lotte Department Store.

  11. Hi,
    I was just wondering if youve purchased this bb cream like recently. I heard that they have new packaging. Idk if its the same as the one depicted above but i just purchased one on ebay and it has the sticker on it. I just wanted to ask what your sticker looks like cuz it seems mine has been tampered with ): it says like VOID all over in the background but everything else seems legit! The seller even had really good reviews

    1. I have the same question as Len. The sticker came off easily and there is VOID printed all over the back. Does the real BB cream have that or should I return this product to the seller ‘neverprice’ on amazon?

  12. Hi Ms. Bechay, i’m an avid reader of your site. My sister will be going to Seoul on a business trip next week. I’ll be asking her to get me BRTC and skin 79 products. It seems however that these products are a bit difficult to find. I was hoping you can tell us where the stores of these brands are located in seoul.
    Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Jed! There is a Skin79 store in Myeongdong (Nook Square) or try Lotte Young Plaza. I go to Lotte in Cheongnyangni Stn because their first level has all the Korean branded cosmetics from Skinfood to BRTC to Beauty Credit and others that I’m not aware of.

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