The New Namsan Tour Bus

The first time I visited Namsan Tower in Seoul was in 2003. That time, private vehicles were allowed to go up to where the tower is located. Two years later, in 2005, only designated buses, tour buses and taxis with foreigners in it were allowed to climb up. They said it was to minimize the pollution caused by vehicles and preserve the cleanliness of the air in the mountain. To get to the tower, one had to board the yellow bus from bus stops around the base of Namsan.

The new eco-friendly electric-powered Namsan Tour Bus

Late last year, the Seoul city government introduced the new Namsan tour buses. My son and I visited Namsan last Saturday afternoon (while my husband accompanied his boss to Bukhansan) and he was so excited to take the new bus designed with the colorful N Tower and Hetchi, Seoul’s official mascot. The bus is shaped like a peanut. It’s electric-powered so it’s eco-friendly. Since it’s new, it was really clean inside. The bus we took was full but we managed to get a seat at the back, beside the window. There were two free seats and I tried to have my son sit but he said he’d rather sit in my lap so others can take the other seat ;p


    1. At an early age, I’d like him to learn about following rules and being kind. Whenever he sees someone not following rules, he always asks me why.

  1. Your son is really adorable, d2 sa Pinas rare na makakita ng gentleman…Growing green talaga ang korea…I also hope na sana d2 rin sa Pinas meron ganyan…=)

    1. Siguro kasi ang Korea lagi nilang kino-compare sarili nila sa mga first world countries, kahit nakukulangan ang dating nila. At least, mataas ang standard na gusto nilang ma-reach. Tayo naman lagi na lang tayong defensive at dinadala lagi sa emosyon pag napapansin tayo.

  2. Good afternoon,
    Who is the manufactorer from your NAMSAN ELECTRIC BUS?
    I Want to know if there is any scale model from this ore from other Coach and Bus.
    Kind regards from Ben Chr.Tieben,
    from the Netherlands.

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