N Seoul Tower Revisited

My son and I visited N Seoul Tower on the 26th of February. We took the new Namsan Tour bus at Chungmuro Stn. I first visited N Seoul Tower in 2003 and there hasn’t been a year that I didn’t go there, so I know if there is something new. On the way to the peak of the mountain, I noticed that there are more viewing decks along the way. I am tempted to come back and hike up in the spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.
The bus stopped at the terminal, as usual. We had to walk up the steep slope to the tower. Upon reaching the N Seoul Tower park, my son asked me to go to where the artists were drawing caricatures or portraits. They charge 25,000 won (about 23 USD) for a sitting. In front of the ticket booth, there was a South American playing his native music while a little girl danced.

The souvenir shop at the base of the tower is bigger and more open than before. I checked some of the items but I didn’t buy anything. They have the Eco-Perfumer that one of my customers like but it was 2,000 won more expensive compared to the ones they sell at Innisfree stores. I also didn’t buy tickets to go up the observatory. I’ve been there twice (once in the evening and once in the afternoon) and I prefer the free view from the decks. Beside the ticket booth are Olive Young, the Teddy Bear Museum store and a Coldstone franchise.

The main attraction at the base of N Seoul Tower are the locks! They have multiplied in thousands in just four years.

We took the cable car, instead of taking the bus, to go down the mountain. We had to wait in line for more than 20 minutes. Adult tickets are 6,000 (one-way) and 7,000 (round trip); while kids pay 3,500 (one way) and 5,000 (round trip). I paid for one adult one-way ticket. And boy was I glad I did. If it took us 20 minutes or so to board the cable going down, the line going up was a lot longer!

Here is a view of the 63 Building from the deck of N Seoul Tower. The picture at the bottom is of the elevator going up to where one can take the cable car going up to the tower.

Until my next visit to Namsan, hopefully in spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.


    1. It’s a must to visit N Seoul Tower, but you don’t need to buy tickets to go up the observatory. I prefer the view from the decks outside the tower.

  1. When we went to N Seoul Tower, nilakad namin mula Myeongdong Station exit number 6 tapos ung paakyat na road sa may gilid ng Prince Hotel ata yun. Sobrang pagod at hingal kami pagdating namin sa taas. Tapos nung nakapila na kami sa cable car, pagtingin namin sa kabilang side pala meron elevator paakyat. Kaloka, oh well ganun talaga, at least next visit namin alam na namin na pwedeng mag elevator. Hehe.

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