School and typhoon season

A typhoon, named Meari, just passed by the Korean peninsula yesterday. There were reports that some people died. Farmers also lost their crops while some infrastructure were damaged. Typhoon Meari also caused damages in the Philippines last week. It was named “Falcon”. According to the news, about 90,000 people were affected.
June is when school opens in the Philippines. There have been talks from a few years ago to move the school opening to September. This way, students will not miss a lot of their classes due to floods and strong rains caused by the monsoon and typhoon season.
For those who don’t want to be inconvenienced, enrolling in an online business school could be a better choice. There is no need to travel, especially when the weather is bad. It’s very convenient and you could adjust your studies to your schedule. Online business school is great when you’re also employed or working. You can get your degree while maintaining your lifestyle. Just be sure to research about the school you’re applying to ;p

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  1. Right!
    it’s end of the month. Classes started in our school here in Angeles June 14. Since then, we only had 5 days of regular classes. The rest are delayed announcement of class suspension just like today.

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