Sandara Park's Vegeta hair

Sandara Park is once again the talk of the town following her group’s comeback appearance on SBS’ Ingigayo. It’s because of her “Vegeta” hair style. If you are familiar with Dragonball Z, you’ll know about the character “Vegeta”.

Sandara Park and her hairstyle
Sandara Park and her hairstyle


    1. In fairness, laging siya ang newsmaker sa grupo nila… pati na rin pala ang watermelon diet ni Park Bom.

  1. Sandy is really Cool, as well as the whole 2en1 kaya angat sila sa Iba, not just the Looks but also their music kaya big hit talaga cila not just in Korea but all over Asia!!!

  2. She’s a true style icon. And her hairstyles are always so unique and so eye-catching.

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