Korean Food Product: LaBest Red Ginseng Ice Cream

I looove ice cream. Who doesn’t, anyway? I just love Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. Their concoctions are oh-so-creamy, not too sweet and they have a range of unique flavors. Too bad they only have branches in Ohio and they only deliver in continental US.
Here in Korea, my favorite brand of ice cream is Cledor. I love their “Red carpet cheesecake” with its bits of cream cheese in every scoop. Another ice cream brand that I like is “LaBest” by Lotte. It was introduced this year and it’s as pricey as Cledor. One of the flavors I’ve tried is Red Ginseng. I did so out of curiosity – and it was surprisingly good.

Korean ice cream: LaBest Red Ginseng

The packaging is purely made of paper. Only the spoon, that can be found inside, is made of plastic. I paid 3,000 won for the 150-ml cup. On the back label, it says that the serving has 265 calories and 16 grams of fat! Uh-oh! It also has 0.7% red ginseng extract. Of course, we know that red ginseng is famous for its health benefits. This one doesn’t make any claim of that sort.
LaBest Red Ginseng Ice Cream

LaBest Red Ginseng Ice Cream has a really creamy texture. It’s really smooth and silky and you will not feel any frozen ice. Do you get what I mean – like some ice creams have ice crystals but this one doesn’t? You can really taste the cream in the ice cream and not an overpowering red ginseng — which tastes bitter. However, there is a slightly bitter aftertaste that I noticed after I consumed the whole cup. I would buy LaBest again but I would try other flavors. I really like its silky smooth texture.
Be careful not to have a lot of ice cream.


  1. Omg! Red ginseng?!! :O if only they have such ice cream in my country. Haha! Korea sure is a country of supplements in evey kind. 😀 if only it can be shipped. 😛
    Will get in touch w you shortly Betchay! Have just received the parcel today!! ^ ^

    1. Hi Min! Oh the parcel was late because of the skirts. It took them a week before they sent it, and they only sent one so I had to wait for the other one for three days more!

  2. You can get some odd ice cream flavors where I live, like green tea and sweet red bean paste. Red ginseng is a new one for me, though. I wonder if the ice cream actually does have any health benefits, and could you describe what it tastes like?

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