Top Cloud in Seoul

Top Cloud is a restaurant located on the 33rd floor of The Millenium Tower or Jongro Tower. The building is located near Jonggak station on line 1 and it surely can’t be missed as it is one of the most popular landmarks in Seoul. I do have photos of it, but I don’t have my external HDD now 🙁
On December 15th, I had dinner at the Top Cloud with my husband and his siblings and their spouses. The dinner was set at 7:30 PM but I was late coming from a party in Ilsan with “The 601 Habit” ladies. I was still full with the food prepared by Razel Kim ~ loved her fusion beef stew!
To get to Top Cloud, I had to take the elevator on the first floor of Jongro Tower. I thought I could get there from the elevators near the subway, but they can only be used up to the 22nd floor. Upon entering, I only had to say my brother-in-law’s name and I was ushered in a private room called “Pluto”. Our dinner course is called “Propose” and it is 85,800 won per person. The other dinner courses are called “Gourmet” (107,800 won) and “Top Cloud” (129,800 won).
The Pluto Room is spacious with a view of Jongro Avenue. Inside the room are artworks by Korean artists. There is a coat rack beside the door. A waiter was assigned in our room. The moment I sat down, a waiter served the “scalloped carpaccio” that I ate really fast ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹

Mmm… forgot what this was ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹

There were only three wine in their selection. We had two bottles of Braccale at 88,000 won each. I remember drinking three glasses ;p
Wine selection...
Wine selection…

The first course of the “Propose” dinner is “Herb marinated salmon gravlax with fennel salad”. T’was delicious as I remember mentioning about it to my husband.
Salmon gravlax with fennel salad
Salmon gravlax with fennel salad

The second course is “Mussel vongole with tomato sauce”. The mussels were big and the soup that accompanied it was tasty.
Mussel vongole with tomato sauce
Mussel vongole with tomato soup

Then we were served “Roasted duck breast and baked pineapple with orange gastrique”. Whew! I’m not a fan of the duck but I liked the sauce.
Roasted Duck Breast
Roasted Duck Breast

The main course that I had was a medium rare “Char-grilled Striploin with dijon shallot sauce”. I finished mine fast even though I promised I wouldn’t eat steak anymore a few months ago.
Striploin with dijon shallot sauce
Striploin with dijon shallot sauce

The dessert is “Lemon financier and apple tuile with vanilla ice cream”.
Dessert ~ Lemon Financier and Apple Tuile with Vanilla Ice Cream
Dessert ~ Lemon Financier and Apple Tuile with Vanilla Ice Cream

I can’t really say if the food was worth the price as I was still full coming from a Christmas party. I just particularly remember how good the salmon was. My husband liked the steak and the dessert. He said the cake had the right sweetness. The service was good and the waiters were really attentive.
As mentioned, there are three different Top Cloud courses. They also have lunch and dinner buffet, which are priced a little lower than their dinner courses.
I am not a fan of the evening landscape. I think I mentioned before that I prefer going to Namsan early in the morning. There’s just nothing to see from the top except for lights. If I were to dine at Top Cloud again, I would like to go there for lunch. I bet the view is much more enjoyable.

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  1. My husband and I went there last year just for a drink and to watch the live performance. wow na wow ang presyo, parang nasa top ng cloud ang price sa mahal..haha.. mas mahal pa ang isang baso ng orange juice sa 2set ng burger meals sa Lotteria ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ yung husband ko ninamnam talaga yung isang bote ng beer para masulit yung bayad hehe.. hindi n kmi umulit…haha

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