Mango Float

Ever since “Mango Mania” has made Philippine mangoes more affordable in Korea, I make it a point to order a box especially when they have specials. I’ve tried other “brands” of Philippine mangoes here but the only ones I ever liked are from “I Love Mango” and “Mango Mania”. I post on my FB page whenever “Mango Mania” has a sale ;p
My son loves Philippine mangoes and I enjoy making “Mango Float” for my Korean family and friends. It’s so easy to make using ingredients available in Korean supermarkets.
We need:
– “Diget” digestive biscuits
– Maeil whipping cream
– condensed milk or 연유
– two small mangoes from Mango Mania

Diget - whipping cream - condensed milk
Diget – whipping cream – condensed milk

I prefer “Diget” biscuits to graham crackers… it just tastes better ;p
First, mix the cream and the condensed milk. The ratio I use is 2:1, e.g. a cup of cream plus half a cup of condensed milk. I sometimes add mango juice I squeezed from the seed for a stronger mango taste ;p
Next, line the biscuits on the bottom of your container. Here I use the “brownie” mold that I got for free.
First steps...
First steps…

Next, spoon some cream-milk mixture. Thinly slice the mangoes and layer on the cream.
Repeat the process of biscuit, cream-milk mixture and mangoes.
Ready for freezing...
Ready for freezing…

With the mold that I use, I can layer three biscuits. The top is always with mangoes. Optionally, you could crumble a biscuit and sprinkle on top.
Let the “mango float” set for ten minutes before covering with a foil and freeze!
And here's the finished product...
And here’s the finished product…

About thirty minutes before serving, take it out from the freezer so it will be easier to slice.

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